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Be a part of the fastest-growing world of Moris Media. Show your talent and foster growth and learning. Join the team that values you for your individuality and ideas and pushes you towards constant improvement. Here you get balanced work culture and continuous support.

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Create, Build & Grow

Welcome to Moris Media

Moris is a PR Boutique and Digital Marketing agency working in more than 40+ countries worldwide and has employees working from all over the world. We provide our clients with top-notch Social Media and Influencer Marketing services that help position them correctly. We provide new talent opportunities to understand the media and marketing industries and manage celebs and influencers by handling their personal branding and media coverage. We also help startups and SMEs to have an impactful launch to match the fast-paced digital world. We believe in one another and in using teamwork and partnership to deliver a platform that empowers businesses and individuals through well-rounded perspectives to achieve outcomes. We believe every team member should have a voice and an impact.

We cherish creativity, positivity, communication, uniqueness, openness, hard work, and passion amongst our team members to deliver the best possible results.

Moris is a PR Boutique
Create, Build & Grow

Work-From-HomeConfidently. Let Your Talent Shine From No matter where you are.

Start working from the comfort of your home with Moris Media. We believe that you can achieve higher productivity from anywhere. All you need is the drive to work and a proper virtual setup. So, if you are responsible enough to get the job done, this is the place for you.

Create, Build & Grow

Moris Media'sVirtual interviewsEliminating Barriers To Reaching Great Oppertunities.

Supercharge your brand with the best Digital Doctors in United States who, before implementing any action, scrutinise you and your business, find the gaps in the growth strategy and prescribe result-driven plans that outperform competitors.

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Create, Build & Grow

Company Policies

We have a direct and well-encompassing company policy that establishes the right expectations for our workforce and provides guidance on handling workplace situations.

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Create, Build & Grow

Holiday Policies

We ensure the rules and processes are clear to everyone; hence our holiday policy is transparent and precise. Moris Media caters to official holidays in India. See the holidays.

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Holiday Policies
We believe in...

Perks and

We believe happy employees create a healthy company, which means that certain ‘perks’ are just part of our cultural model.

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office space

Casual and Virtual office space throughout the globe.


Family-oriented and nurturing creativity and versatility.

Happy hours

Happy hours, team volunteering amd local events.

Comprehensive growth

Comprehensive growth benefits. Plus, get and hardware, software, and guidance you need to do your job.

collaborative environment

We are profitable and growing. Grow with us in a collaborative environment witha flat structure.

learn, grow

A company that works with you to learn, grow, and excel in your career.

beyond geographical boundaries

Creating bonds beyond geographical boundaries.

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours. Easily scalable as per convinience.

Graveyard shift

Save tons of resources. Graveyard shift support!

Have we got you Excited?

The right person for our company is more than just an asset. Connect with us if you believe that you have the skills we are looking for.

grow together

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Creativity, Opportunity, Fun. We’ve just told you the three magic words that make working at Moris Media feel like an all-day party. Not so much a job as a life many would kill for. A promising career that encourages you to take bold leaps.

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